As accidental injury has become the third highest cause of death in the United States, you may need to hire an injury lawyer at some point in your life. Hiring an injury firm is a big decision and often the process can be lengthy. After a tough situation in which your or a loved one has been injured, diving headfirst into a legal battle can often seem scary. However, when you work with an experienced injury attorney, your case will be handled with extreme care and consideration, while you also get the time to relax and heal.

When you work with Myers Injury Law, we will treat your situation as if it is our own. From car accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, general personal injury claims, and wrongful death, we have the resources and skills to get you the compensation or relief you need. If you’re worried about how intensive your injury case may be, no need to worry, we’ve got you covered. Our case map will show you exactly what our process looks like.

Here’s what you need to know about a typical case timeline with Meyers Injury Law:

  • Intake & Consult
  • Treatment
  • Record Request
  • Demand
  • Negotiations
  • Litigation & Settlement

Intake & Consult

When you first contact Meyers Injury Law, as a potential client you will receive a free consultation for your unique case. Here, we will discuss your situation, how your injury came to be and other related information or unique circumstances about your case. When we’ve decided that our firm is a good fit for your needs, we will be able to send out notice of representation letters to defendants and your insurance company. As our initial step, we want to assess your situation to ensure we can deliver just what you need.


As our second step in our case process, our firm will need to ensure you are currently receiving proper injury aftercare as well as following a reliable treatment plan for your unique injuries. Like we said earlier, your injury case does not need to take up any more of your time and energy as you heal. At this stage in your partnered case with us, our team will make sure your appointments are made and that you are on your way to a full recovery. We are on your team here.

Record Request

Once our firm has confirmed that you or your loved one is receiving proper treatment and have a medical plan of action in place, we will be able to begin our next step: Record Request. Rather than have you do a full sweep of recording requests on your own accord, our team is here to help on your behalf.

Once you are in active treatment, our firm will not only cover the cost of requesting any and all medical records associated with your case, but we will also contact and connect with any and all medical providers necessary who are connected to your treatment plan and your unique case.

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After all medical records are in, our firm will put together a detailed demand package for your case. This demand package will contain a demand letter as well as medical proof to send off to the at-fault party’s insurance company. This step will essentially jumpstart any and all legal negotiations on behalf of your injury case.


Once we’ve gotten all documents filed and in the hands of the right people, it’s time for legal negotiations. After the insurance company of the at-fault party has evaluated our demand package, we can begin compensation and repair negotiations. In an attempt to come to a closed compromise on your case, each stage of negotiations will be communicated to our clients to keep them informed, even if you cannot be there.

Litigation & Settlement

If we are able to obtain a settlement that is sufficient regarding your case, not only will you receive your settlement compensation, but Meyers Injury law will handle dealing with all payments to medical providers involved in your healing process if you are unable to do so. If we are unable to come to a compromise on your case, our firm is experienced in filing and litigating cases to the desired conclusion.

Nashville Injury Attorney

Here at Meyers Injury law, making clients feel like they’re our #1 client is the most important aspect of running this firm. It’s a new day and age, and Chad Meyers has built this firm on utilizing technology to better assist clients with handling their case. Clients should know that they have the ability to get their lawyer on the phone whenever they have a question or concern. When you partner with Meyers Injury Law, you have the ability to call or text our team at any time, whatever is most comfortable for you.

As an attorney based in Nashville, Tennessee, Chad Meyers focuses his practice on those with catastrophic injuries involving car accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, general personal injury claims, and wrongful death. Having grown up in Kansas City, Missouri where his father ran a family owned funeral home, Chad Meyers has the unique injury industry knowledge you didn’t know you needed. Meyers Injury Law can get you the help you need, just when you need it.

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