From 2020 and 2022, the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security reported 80 crashes in a construction zone, maintenance zone, or utility zone. For crashes that occurred in a construction zone, specifically, more than 10% resulted in the fatality of a driver, passenger, or construction worker.

In most cases, the cause of the construction zone crashes are linked to distracted driving, speeding in the construction zone, and driving under the influence. 

When approaching a construction zone, the single most important thing to remember is crashes that occur in construction zones can be deadly. While proceeding with caution is the most practical way to prioritize the safety of yourself and others in the construction zone, here are Meyers Injury Law’s specific recommendations for preventing an accident:

  1. Slow Down in Construction Zones
  2. Focus on The Road
  3. Think Back to Driver’s Education
  4. Hire A Nashville Car Accident Lawyer

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Slow Down in Construction Zones

Construction zones are often riddled with cones, concrete walls, uneven lanes, and tighter-than-normal roads. All of these hazards present a danger to your vehicle and increase the risks of a crash. At the same time, your speed and movements through the maze are a danger to other drivers and construction workers who are on-site.

The best way to maneuver a construction zone and be cautious about your surroundings is to slow down and follow the construction zone speed limit. We would even suggest being prepared to stop at any time. 

It’s also worth noting that, in Tennessee, drivers are required by law (TCA 55-8-153) to obey speed limits in construction zones, especially when there are workers present. Violators are subject to a minimum $250.00 fine.

Focus on The Road

Distracted driving is a growing problem in our state. In 2019, Tennessee was found to be the top state in the nation for distracted driving, with 7.2 fatalities for every 10 billion vehicle miles. Within the last year (2021-2022), 1 in 15 drivers involved in a Tennessee car crash was reportedly distracted.

While your first thought when it comes to distracted driving may be texting and driving, other examples include using a GPS, adjusting the stereo/radio, tending to a child or pet, reaching into the passenger’s seat, and applying cosmetics.  

Distracted driving in a construction zone can result in any of the following scenarios: You could hit a warning sign or cone, rear-end another driver, or crash into construction equipment. And if it can be proven that you were distracted when the crash occurred, you can be held liable for damages.

Think Back to Driver’s Education

Remember when you were first learning to drive and enrolled in a driver’s education course how much emphasis was placed on taking extra precautions? A few things your parents or teachers might have drilled into you included tips like checking your mirrors, looking over your shoulder before changing lanes, and practicing defensive driving with other cars on the road.

These same safety tips can make a world of difference as you drive through a construction zone. Think back to what you learned as a new driver, as well as the overall care you took to be a safe driver.

Another tip we would like to add that gives a nod to driver’s ed? Give yourself plenty of time. Whether it’s moving into an open lane during a traffic shift sooner rather than later or keeping your distance from other drivers in case you need to brake, planning ahead in these ways are smart maneuvers and can protect you from being liable.

Hire A Nashville Car Accident Lawyer

If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a car accident that occurred in a construction zone, you could be entitled to compensation. Hiring an injury firm is a big decision, but with Meyers Injury Law you can request a free consultation to discuss your case and explore your options.

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