July 3, 2023

What To Do If Someone Sues You For A Car Accident in Tennessee?

Being involved in a serious car accident can be one of the most stressful and emotionally overwhelming experiences to go through. Determining your next steps will be decided after you seek a free legal consultation. An experienced personal injury attorney can help evaluate the details of your situation and guide you in navigating the complexities of what comes next. In an at-fault state such as Tennessee, the blame will be assessed and determined by law enforcement officials in order to determine which driver is found to hold most of the responsibility for vehicle damage and any injury claim brought forward as a result of the car accident.

If you are found to be the at-fault driver holding the greatest portion of the blame for the car accident, the other driver involved may have rights; to file a personal injury lawsuit against you, and they will no doubt seek to receive maximum compensation for their medical bills and perhaps also lost wages. As they seek compensation that you may be held financially responsible for, you will need a professional car accident lawyer’s advice on your side to help you pursue a fair settlement and protect your own legal rights.

Car With A Broken Window

Next Steps

The first thing that should be on your mind following any car wreck is to take quick steps to protect yourself physically and financially. Always call 911 right away so that everyone involved can be quickly assessed for needed medical attention. When law enforcement officers arrive, they will gather evidence immediately available as is related to the accident scene in order to determine fault. Be sure to receive your copy of this report so that when you seek legal advice, you can easily provide it to your Nashville car accident lawyer. It is important that you take advantage of the free consultation offered by our law firm so that a knowledgeable personal injury attorney can guide you through this complicated process.

You must also contact your car insurance company as soon as possible to inform them of the car accident and relevant details. Discussing your case with a car accident lawyer as soon as possible can save you the hassle of spending more time and energy than is necessary dealing with the insurance company. There is no need to provide more information than is required, just tell them about what has occurred and provide the report. Most importantly, follow the advice given by your expert car accident lawyer when discussing any insurance claim related to the accident. The reality is that while you depend on your insurance provider to provide you with adequate coverage and a fair policy, they will always ultimately be concerned mainly with the insurance company’s best interest.

If You Are At Fault

Things will get more complicated when other drivers and their passengers require medical treatment and seek to cover their medical bills by filing a personal injury claim against you. Car accident lawsuits are an overwhelming situation to face, so do not attempt to handle it all just between you and the insurance company alone. You will feel great relief with an experienced personal injury attorney by your side advising you every step of the way. It may also be a relief when you realize that even if you are partially at fault, your auto insurance policy may still cover some of your own damage and economic loss claims. You could seek a settlement to cover property damage for your own vehicle, lost wages due to the time-consuming nature of the accident, and a personal injury claim to help pay for your own medical bills.

Most car accident cases in an at-fault state will show one driver holding the greatest burden of responsibility for the accident while the other driver will be considered the accident victim. Further investigation is likely to occur as the case progresses and especially when a personal injury lawsuit is involved. If the other driver seeks to recover compensation, they may need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you are responsible due to perhaps gross negligence, distracted driving, or in extreme cases, road rage may have been involved. No matter the situation that led to one party being found to be the accident victim, while you are deemed the driver personally responsible for compensating accident victims, proving fault is a burden their legal team must bear. 

Economic Damages and Other Considerations in Tennessee

The other parties involved in car accident claims will likely seek to recover compensation directly from your insurance company and what they are able to; your  personal injury cases will depend upon many details, including your insurance policy limits. When you are sued for a car accident that injured the other party, their legal team will work in their best interests to seek compensation in order to cover not only expenses related to the accident but possibly non-economic damages as well. This is because accident victims are often awarded punitive damages in addition to the bare minimum of receiving compensation for their pain, suffering, and other losses directly related to the car accident. Their injuries could cause them to require long-term care or extensive lost wages if they cannot work due to their injuries.

A car accident case can be very complicated when this happens, and an accident victim seeks to recover damages they may be entitled to. The at-fault driver does have rights as well however and when your personal liability for a car accident is in question, seeking fair and strong legal counsel is one of the best choices you can make to protect your best interests and your financial future. The majority of car accident cases are settled outside of court, and when you have an experienced legal team on your side, this becomes even more likely. Contact Meyers Injury Law today for your free consultation. We are ready to answer your questions and address your concerns after you have been involved in a car wreck and are facing a lawsuit.

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