Most people know that driving when drunk is dangerous, but they still make the mistake of getting behind the wheel. A common misconception is to believe that our alcohol consumption won’t impact our driving ability and won’t result in a car crash. However, DUI accidents continue to claim lives and cause serious injuries every day in the U.S. If you have been a victim of a DUI accident, you can contact our drunk driving accident lawyer at Meyers Injury Law. We have experienced DUI accident attorneys who can help you file a claim or lawsuit to recover compensation for your suffering in a DUI accident.

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Tennessee Drunk Driving Accident Statistics

There were a total of 290 alcohol-impaired fatalities in the state of Tennessee in 2019. The same year also had 26 cases of under 21 alcohol-impaired fatalities. The alcohol-impaired fatalities per 100K people went from 3.1% to 4.3% in 2019. A similar trend is seen in more recent statistics. Tennessee has 289 fatalities due to alcohol-impaired driving incidents. This is 28% of the total car crash fatalities in the state. This is a shockingly high percentage of deaths caused by drunk driving. If you suffered the loss of a loved one or got injured yourself, you need to get legal counsel from an experienced DUI accident lawyer.

Dangers of Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving is not only dangerous for the drunk driver and passengers of their vehicle, it puts all road users at risk. To understand the dangers of drunk driving accidents, you have to understand what it does to the human body. When you get drunk, your reaction time is significantly reduced. This means that the drunk driver is likely to have a slower response to an emergency on the road or any driving maneuvers that require quick action, such as abrupt braking. Alcohol also reduces inhibition, so drivers tend to be less conscious of traffic laws. They are more likely to overspeed or drive recklessly. Lastly, alcohol impairs driver’s judgement, which is why most drunk drivers are able to get behind the wheel even though they are drunk.

What Is Blood Alcohol Concentration?

The Blood Alcohol Concentration (B.A.C) is the percentage of alcohol in the blood. It is measured by the number of grams of alcohol per 1000 milliliters of blood and it ranges from 0 to 0.4%, after which the blood alcohol level becomes fatal.

As the B.A.C level increases, the ability to drive starts to decrease. According to laws in Tennessee, driving with a B.A.C level of 0.08% is illegal and is punished by a DUI charge. The B.A.C legal limit for commercial drivers is 0.04% and for under 21 drivers is 0.02%.

The police officer has the choice of administering different types of tests for determining the B.A.C level, including a breath test, blood test, or urine test. The most common test for drunk driving is a breath test.

Penalties for DUI in Tennessee

DUI criminal charges can lead to a conviction. The penalties for DUI according to Tennessee law depend on several factors including whether this was the first offense of the driver. For repeated offenders of drunk driving, the penalties can include up to $15,000 in fines and a year in jail. The drunk driver could also face suspension of their driver’s license and other penalties.

Damages Available for Brentwood Drunk Driving Accident

Brentwood has strict penalties for drivers convicted of drunk driving. However, for the victims of a drunk driving accident, the punishment for the drunk driver is not enough. The victims need to be compensated for their suffering.

For example, if they suffered injuries, they have the right to seek compensation for medical bills and other expenses related to the treatment of the injuries including physical therapy. They can also seek compensation for lost wages or loss of earning potential because of the injuries they suffered.

The victims can also seek non-economic damages as a result of the drunk driving accident. This could include emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and loss of enjoyment of life. If the accident caused the loss of life, then a wrongful death claim can be filed against the impaired driver that caused the DUI accident. You have the legal right to get compensation for all direct damages caused by the drunk driver.

To learn what compensation you can claim in personal injury cases, please consult with our drunk driving accident lawyer. We can also help you gather evidence that strengthens your case such as medical records and police reports.

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Consult With a Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

If you or your loved one suffered due to a drunk driving accident, get in touch with us at Meyers Injury Law. We have extensive experience in getting victims of car crashes the compensation they deserve and getting the drunk drivers punished so they don’t repeat such actions again.

Our lawyers know how to negotiate with the insurance company and deal with legal defenses presented by the opposing party. The defense can use different strategies to reduce their liability or financial exposure, but we are experienced in handling all types of defense. To learn more about it, please call us today at Meyers Injury Law to schedule a free consultation with one of our drunk driving accident lawyers. Our DUI accident lawyers can assess your drunk driving accident case to determine the best course of legal action.