Head-on collisions account for the highest percentage of fatal car accidents, along with intersection accidents. Even in accidents where there are no fatalities, the victims can suffer serious injuries that can have a life-changing impact on them and their families. While head-on collisions are less frequent than other types of car accidents, they are the most dangerous.

Even if you are following the law and driving carefully, the negligence or recklessness of another driver can result in a head-on collision. If you need legal guidance and representation for a head-on collision in Brentwood, TN, get in touch with us at Meyers Injury Law. Our Brentwood head-on collision lawyer can guide you on how to recover full and fair compensation for your losses. 

Causes And Consequences Of Head-On Collisions

A head-on accident is a frontal collision between two vehicles that are traveling in opposite directions. In some cases, a head-on collision can involve only a single vehicle. For example, if a vehicle collides with a road barrier or telephone pole, then that is also considered a head-on accident. While the vehicle’s hood can absorb some of the impact of the collision, the occupants can still be subjected to severe force. 

There are multiple causes of head-on collisions. One of the most common is distracted driving when the driver is not paying attention to the road. Using a cell phone, fiddling with the stereo, or eating while driving are common causes of driver distraction. Head-on collisions also happen due to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driver fatigue, reckless driving, or improper passing. 

The force of impact in a head-on collision can cause spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), broken bones, whiplash, facial scarring, internal damage, and several other types of severe injuries. 

Photo of Head-On Collision

Who Is at Fault in a Head-On Collision?

Generally, the negligent driver is at fault. If the driver did not follow traffic laws and caused the crash, then that driver would be liable for the accident. For example, if the accident happened due to improper passing, then the driver who crossed the center line and entered the opposite lane of traffic would be at fault.  However, establishing liability is often one of the most challenging aspects of a car accident claim or lawsuit. In most personal injury cases, a thorough investigation is needed to establish liability. 

In some cases, there is shared liability in head-on collisions. This happens when both drivers are negligent or reckless in their driving. Establishing liability gets even more tricky if one of the drivers is forced to cross into oncoming traffic due to an emergency or due to a mechanical failure of their vehicle. 

As head-on collision cases can get complex, you likely need assistance from a car accident lawyer in Brentwood focusing on head-on collisions. They can help you gather evidence to support your claim. They can work with accident reconstruction experts to prove that the defendant was at fault. They can also get witness statements, police reports, medical records, and several other types of evidence to strengthen your case. Most importantly, the Nashville car accident lawyers can handle all the time-consuming aspects of the legal proceedings so you can use your time to focus on your recovery. 

Getting Maximum Compensation for a Head-On Collision

If you were in a head-on collision in Brentwood, TN, that was not your fault, you can file a claim or lawsuit to recover compensation for your losses, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. You must act fast, as the statute of limitations for auto accidents in Tennessee is just one year from the accident. If you don’t take legal action within this timeframe, you may lose your rights to recover compensation. Many car accident victims delay getting started only to regret it later. Ideally, you want to give yourself extra time so that your car accident attorney can gather evidence for your case, communicate with the insurance company, and complete all of the legal paperwork required for the car crash case. 

To get started, our Tennessee car accident lawyer will assess your case to determine the best legal strategy to recover maximum compensation. At Meyers Injury Law, we have the skills, resources, and experience to get you justice. We encourage you to explore our successful case results involving Brentwood legal representation for head-on collision cases. When you are ready, you can contact us to consult our head-on collision personal injury lawyer in Brentwood.