If your rear-end accident was someone else’s fault, you can pursue compensation for your damages. However, there are several steps to getting full and fair compensation. It helps to understand the laws and legal processes to make informed decisions about your case. You can get in touch with our car accident attorney at Meyers Injury Law if you want legal guidance and representation for a rear-end collision in Brentwood, TN. 

Understanding Rear-End Collision Accidents

A rear-end collision is an accident where a vehicle strikes another from behind. Rear-end collisions are some of the most common forms of car accidents. More than 7% of all accidents are rear-end collisions, which can be catastrophic. The damage is worse in high-speed rear-end car accidents. 

Rear-end collisions can result in various types of injuries, including whiplash, head injuries, leg injuries, and back injuries. Injuries can be mitigated if the vehicle occupants are wearing seat belts. While airbags can reduce the impact of the collision, there are cases where airbags cause facial burns, bone fractures, or joint dislocations. 

Compensation For Rear-End Collision Victims In Brentwood

If you are successful in your rear-end car accident claim or lawsuit, you can be awarded compensation for your losses. This may include compensatory damages for lost income, medical bills, loss of future earning capacity, and vehicle damage. You can also get compensated for non-economic damages like pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and mental distress. 

Photo of Rear End Collision

Common Causes Of Rear-End Accidents in Brentwood

The top causes of rear-end crashes include tailgating, where the motorist in the rear is following too closely to the vehicle in front, and speeding, which greatly reduces the ability of the driver in the rear to stop their vehicle in time. Reckless or aggressive driving can also increase the risk of a rear-end collision. 

In some cases, mechanical issues, such as a faulty brake system or malfunctioning steering wheel, can result in rear-end collisions. Poor visibility due to dim lighting or inclement weather conditions can also play a role in rear-end collisions. 

Establishing Liability In a Rear-End Collision Accident

Usually, the rear driver is responsible for rear-end collisions as they are required to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. However, it is not always the fault of the motorist in the rear. For example, if the motorist in front brakes suddenly or their brake lights are not working, then they could be held liable for the rear-end accident. Negligent lane changing or reversing suddenly are some other scenarios where the motorist in the front could be held liable for the accident. 

The parties involved in the accident can also share liability because Tennessee follows modified comparative negligence law. According to this system, a party can recover compensation even if they are partially at fault for the accident; however, their compensation is reduced according to their percentage of fault in the accident. If their share of fault is more than 50%, then no compensation can be recovered. 

To determine fault in a rear-end crash, you will have to rely on evidence. If possible, try to gather evidence from the car wreck. For example, photos or videos of the vehicle damage or skid marks can help you establish liability. Also, if there were any eyewitnesses to the accident, ask them if they will provide statements or testify in court. 

Video surveillance footage can also be used to prove that the other party violated traffic laws and regulations that resulted in a rear-end collision. Other evidence you can use includes the police report for the accident, medical records, the vehicle’s dashboard camera, and expert witnesses. A rear end collision lawyer in Brentwood can help you establish liability. 

Get Legal Guidance And Representation from a Rear-End Crash Lawyer in Brentwood

Our Brentwood rear-end collision legal can assess your case and guide you on your best legal options. We have helped car accident victims through each step of the process. If you want to get full and fair compensation for your suffering, it is best you involve us early in the process. You can contact us to schedule a free consultation with our Brentwood rear end collision attorney at Meyers Injury Law.

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