Step by Step Process:

Intake & Consult

We offer every potential client a free consult for their case. Once this process is complete, we do a full case intake gathering all of our clients information and case details. Once that is complete, we send out notice of representation letters to defendants and insurance.


At this point, our firm is making sure you get the treatment you need for your injuries. We make sure your appointments are made and you are on your way to recovery.

Record Request

Once treatment is complete, our firm will cover the cost of requesting any and all medical records associated with your case.


After all medical records are in, our firm will put together a detailed demand package containing a demand letter as well as medical proof to send off to the at-fault parties insurance company.


After the insurance company has evaluated our demand package, we begin negotiations in an attempt to come to a compromise on your case. Each stage of negotiations will be communicated to our clients to keep them informed.

Ligitation / Settlement

If we are able to obtain a settlement that is sufficient regarding your case, we handle all payments to medical providers and our clients then received their settlement. If we are unable to come to a compromise on the case, our firm is experienced in filing and litigating cases to their conclusion.