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When you notice your loved one suddenly losing weight and stressed, these may be urgent signs that they are being mistreated. Being attentive to other signs may hold the key to keeping your family member safe at a nursing home. Nursing home residents deserve to be safe, and shouldn’t have to endure elder abuse. If you believe your loved one is a victim of Nashville nursing home abuse, you can speak to an attorney. 

Your nursing home abuse lawyer can guide you through personal injury litigation after they have confirmed that some form of nursing home negligence occurred. Your attorney can investigate the Nashville nursing home or assisted living facilities to find out what occurred. Get started by contacting our team at Meyers Injury Law now for a free consultation with a Nashville personal injury lawyer.

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Types of Abuse in Nursing Homes

Common types of abuse a nursing home victim might experience in their personal injury case are:

Physical Abuse              

This type of abuse refers to any physical harm inflicted upon a nursing home resident by a caregiver, such as hitting, pushing, or shaking, that causes injury or pain. Physical abuse can also include the inappropriate use of restraints or confinement.

Emotional Abuse        

Emotional abuse is any type of emotional trauma that causes fear, anxiety, or depression in a resident. In general, emotional abuse can take many forms, such as yelling, belittling, or humiliating behavior. Sadly, emotional abuse can be more difficult to detect than physical abuse, but it can be just as harmful.      

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse refers to any non-consensual sexual act perpetrated against a resident by a staff member or another resident. This can include sexual assault, rape, or any other form of unwanted sexual contact.  

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is the unauthorized use of a resident’s funds or property, such as stealing money or valuables. Also, financial abuse can be carried out by caregivers, staff members, family members, as well as residents.   


Neglect refers to the failure to provide adequate care to a resident, resulting in injury or harm. This type of abuse can take many forms, such as failing to provide adequate food, water, or medical care, or failing to assist with personal hygiene.

Signs That a Nursing Home Resident May be Abused

You should know the signs of nursing home abuse or neglect so that you can take action if you suspect that someone is being mistreated. Here are some common signs of nursing home abuse:

  • Unexplained injuries, such as bruises, cuts, or burns
  • Bedsores or pressure ulcers
  • Signs of restraint, such as rope marks on wrists or ankles
  • Malnutrition or dehydration
  • Poor hygiene or unsanitary living conditions
  • Changes in behavior, such as becoming withdrawn or depressed
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Overmedication or improper medication
  • Infections or untreated medical conditions
  • Staff refusing or limiting visitation

What Are the Most Common Injuries Resulting From Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse?

The most common injuries resulting from nursing home neglect or abuse are:


Also known as pressure ulcers, bedsores are a common injury in nursing homes. They occur when a resident is left in the same position for too long, causing pressure on the skin and underlying tissue. Bedsores can be extremely painful and can lead to serious infections if left untreated.                                           


Falls are another common injury in nursing homes, and they can be caused by a variety of factors, such as inadequate supervision or environmental hazards, such as wet floors or cluttered walkways. Such falls can cause serious injuries, such as broken bones or head trauma.    

Malnutrition and Dehydration

Failure to provide adequate food and water can lead to serious health complications and even wrongful death. Malnutrition and dehydration are common in nursing homes where residents may not be able to feed themselves or receive assistance with eating and drinking.

Medication Errors

Medication errors are a common type of injury in nursing homes, and they can be caused by a variety of factors, such as incorrect dosages or administration. These types of reckless medication errors can cause serious harm to a resident, such as adverse reactions or drug interactions.                                                                    


Poor hygiene and unsanitary conditions can lead to infections that can be life-threatening, especially in elderly or immunocompromised residents. Infections can be caused by a variety of factors, such as inadequate hand washing or failure to properly clean and disinfect medical equipment.

Steps to Take if You Suspect Abuse at Nursing Home in Nashville

All forms of abuse in nursing homes are unacceptable and can result in serious injury or harm to residents. Any suspected abuse should be reported immediately to the appropriate authorities, such as the nursing home’s management or local law enforcement. Victims of abuse in nursing homes may also be entitled to compensation for their injuries and damages through a personal injury lawsuit. If you suspect abuse at a nursing home in Nashville, there are several steps you should take to protect your loved one and potentially pursue a personal injury case. These steps include:

Seek Medical Attention

If your loved one has been injured, seek medical attention immediately. Document their injuries and keep a record of any medical treatment they receive.

Report the Abuse

The first step is to report the abuse to the appropriate authorities, such as the nursing home’s management, local law enforcement, or the Tennessee Department of Health. Be sure to document your report and keep a record of any responses or actions taken.       

Gather Evidence

Collect any evidence that may support your claim of abuse, such as photographs of injuries or copies of medical records. If possible, obtain witness statements or video footage that may support your case.          

Consult With an Attorney

Consult with a personal injury attorney who has experience with nursing home abuse cases. An attorney can advise you on your legal options and help you pursue a claim for compensation on behalf of your loved one.                

Consider Moving Your Loved One

If you suspect ongoing abuse or neglect, consider moving your loved one to a different nursing home or care facility. Be sure to research and carefully vet any potential new facilities to ensure they provide a safe and supportive environment for your loved one. 

How a Nashville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Help?

A Nashville nursing home abuse attorney can provide a wide range of services to help protect the rights and interests of nursing home residents who have been victims of abuse or neglect. Some of the services that an attorney can provide include:


An attorney can investigate the circumstances surrounding the abuse or neglect, gather evidence, and identify responsible parties.  

Legal Advice

Your nursing home abuse attorney can provide legal advice to the resident or their family members about their legal rights and options for pursuing a personal injury case.


An attorney can negotiate with the nursing home or insurance companies on behalf of the resident to seek a fair settlement or compensation.


If necessary, an attorney can file a lawsuit and litigate the case in court to seek maximum compensation for the resident.

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Damages That Can be Claimed for a Nursing Home Abuse Claim

A nursing home abuse victim may be able to claim various types of damages in a legal setting, depending on the circumstances of the case. Some of the most common types of damages that may be available to nursing home abuse victims include:                                                                                                                                                     

Medical Expenses

The victim may be able to claim compensation for medical expenses related to the abuse or neglect, including the cost of hospitalization, medical treatment, and rehabilitation.                    

Pain and Suffering

Your loved one may be able to claim damages for physical and emotional pain and suffering resulting from the abuse or neglect. For example, the victim may be able to claim damages for emotional distress resulting from the abuse or neglect, such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

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