Throughout middle Tennessee, delivery trucks will be seen on the roads and at loading docks. While they are smaller than traditional tractor-trailers, the average passenger vehicle is still much smaller than they are. That size difference is a key factor that makes delivery trucks so dangerous when they get into accidents.

Much like with 18-wheeler accidents, delivery truck accidents tend to be much more complicated than the average vehicle accident. The multitude of places where liability could rest can make obtaining compensation for crashes a difficult task. For such a difficult task, a specialist in delivery truck accidents should be called in to assist with filing a claim and securing compensation.

Those specialists are the attorneys at Meyers Injury Law. They’ll be the Nashville Truck Accidents Lawyer you need. They’ve got the experience and resources to help bring a delivery truck accident claim to a swift and decisive settlement. Initial consultations are free, and all cases are accepted on a contingency basis, so you only pay a fee if the outcome is successful.

Nashville Delivery Truck Accident Liability

The aftermath of any delivery truck accident demands that much tedious work be done. A multitude of different parties could be at fault. The most common parties that will be examined are:

  • The delivery truck driver
  • The manufacturer of the delivery truck
  • The driver’s employer
  • A maintenance company 
  • The manufacturer of the tires on the delivery truck 
  • Drivers of other vehicles

Several questions will surface during this process. Your attorneys and insurance adjusters will look for facts to help them determine the following:

  • Who was driving, and how fast were they going?
  • Was texting while driving a factor?
  • Who is vicariously liable for the driver’s negligence?
  • Was hiring or retaining the driver negligent in any way?
  • Who may have supplied defective equipment, and how does product liability play into the situation?
  • Who failed to service the vehicle properly?

Once the accident has happened, it’s most probable that the trucking company and their insurance company will consider strategies for paying you as little money as possible. Theyl likely have been in this situation before, and their tactics will be built upon experience and insider knowledge. Taking into account their many resources, the fight will be far from fair.

These are the reasons why having a truck accident lawyer is a far better decision than facing this challenge alone. One or two delivery truck accident victims are no match for the legal team provided by a corporation and their insurance provider. When the challenge of being in a delivery truck accident arises, Meyers Injury Law will be on your team.

Delivery Guy Transporting Goods

What Causes Delivery Truck Accidents?

Many factors contribute to delivery truck accidents. Often the size and weight of the vehicle, especially when loaded with cargo, make for serious potential collision hazards since it can be difficult to maneuver or come to a complete stop. Another factor is the materials that many delivery trucks carry, which can be unbalanced. Untrained drivers are also a serious problem, as they often commit errors that could have been prevented. Lastly, manufacturer defects can be a big problem.

How to Determine Truck Accident Liability? 

Once you have secured your Nashville delivery truck attorney’s services, the work of proving who was at fault begins. The investigation will cover many important points. Accident victims are more likely to successfully aid their legal representatives when they are aware of these factors.

Some of the more important factors are listed below:

Maintenance Records 

Keeping delivery trucks operational requires frequent maintenance. The wear and tear on delivery trucks build up at an accelerated rate. As a result, trucking companies often employ mechanics or retain the services of contractors. The origins of accidents can lie here.

Drivers’ Records 

In Tennessee, special classifications are required for job-seekers to be employed as delivery drivers. Without them, they cannot legally operate oversize trucks for a living. The lack of these specialized credentials is sometimes a factor in what causes a delivery truck accident. Additionally, records of drivers’ travel hours and history of drug and alcohol use are factors.

Loading Process 

Delivery trucks have load capacities to keep them safe for traveling on the roads. The maximum amount of weight is important for not exceeding the capacities of the delivery truck. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon that cargo loaders or delivery truck drivers will violate these restrictions. These violations are ways that loaders could contribute to an accident.

Hiring an Attorney

If you or someone you know has been injured in a delivery truck accident, don’t let another moment go by. Contact an experienced delivery truck accident lawyer from Meyers Injury Law to examine your case.