July 5, 2023

What Dog Has The Strongest Dog Bite?

Being on the receiving end of a dog bite can be traumatic. The force of a dog bite can be enough to leave someone with serious physical injuries. There can also be emotional damage as a result of your traumatic experience. Let’s not forget all the medical bills, which can be costly.

Not all dogs have a gentle and loving personality. Ones without proper training can be considered a dangerous dog. We understand how traumatic a dog attack can be and the pain it can cause. We are dedicated to getting you your due compensation. Call a Nashville TN dog bite lawyer at Meyers Injury Law for your next steps.

Do not be left in the dark about a dog’s power because it could come back to bite you. In this article, we will discuss the severity of a dog bite and which one has the most substantial bite overall.


How is The Bite Strength of a Dog Measured?

The strength of a dog’s bite can be measured in a few ways. However, the most used method of determining the power of a bite from a dog is with a formula that takes the size of a dog in weight and jaw size into consideration. The most accurate way of getting the bite strength of a dog is by measuring the bite with a bite sleeve.

The problem with measuring a dog’s bite strength when the dog attacks with a bite sleeve is that it is unrealistic for most people. Having your dog follow your commands to bite hard on something is no simple task, and even if you can, it is hard to take an accurate measure. When measuring the average dogs bite strength, you need to think about the following factors:

  • The type of material being bitten by the dog
  • A dog’s weight
  • A dog’s jaw size
  • The angle of the bite given off by the dog 
  • How hard is the surface being bitten down on

These factors play a role in how much pressure is given off from the bite of each dog.

What is PSI When Discussing a Dog Bite?

The breeding and domestication of dogs, such as the cane corso, cordoba fighting dog, the traditional domestic dog, and other animals have been around for centuries. They have been used for many reasons, from hunting to companionship and home protectors. These roles they play have made them obedient and loyal creatures, and throughout the years, they have continued to be a man’s best friend. 

Dogs are well known for their power and strength. Their bite can draw a lot of force, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). There are a couple of things you can do to gauge a dog’s PSI, but the easiest way takes the dog’s weight and jaw size into account.

Which Dogs Have The Strongest Bites?

Photo of America's Most Dangerous Dog Breeds
Source: forbes.com

Many different breeds of dogs are famous for their muscle and overall strength. You may think of a rottweiler bite force or an American bulldog bite force as being the strongest, but they are nowhere near the top when it comes to dog bites in the canine world. That being said, identifying the dog with strongest bite force can be difficult. While the list of dog breeds with the strongest dog bite force is long, the list of accurately judged dogs is even longer. Here is a list of some dog breeds that are commonly mistaken to have some of the strongest bites below:

  • Doberman Pinschers with a bite of 228 PSI
  • Pit Bull with a bite of 235 PSI
  • German Shepherd with a bite of 238 PSI
  • American Bulldogs with a bite of 305 PSI
  • Siberian Huskies with a bite of 320 PSI
  • Rottweilers with a bite of 328 PSI
  • Leonberger bite force of 399

The reasons for the assumptions on the strength of bite for these various dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, the American Pit Bull Terrier, Labrador retrievers, and other breeds of common guard dogs vary, but the common thing they all share is the misconception of their overall bite force. This is not to take anything away from the magnitude of their bite. However, these six breeds are not nearly at the top regarding the strongest recorded bite force.

Here are the protective dogs that have the most bite force. Some are even recognized by the American Kennel Club as being great family pets for dog owners and the best guard dog you could ask for. We will start with the lower and work up to the more substantial overall bite.

Dog Biting Hand

Tibetan Mastiff

They are known for their strong bite force in their jaws. They have a dog bite force of 550 psi and are large and muscular dogs. Originally from the Himalayan mountains, these beefy dogs have one of the strongest bites of any breed.

The large Mastiff is anything but the average dog. It comes in over 110 pounds and sports a thick coat that helps protect them from the elements. They are excellent guard dogs and attack other dogs, and are known for their loyal and protective nature. 

English Mastiff 

This is another Mastiff known for not only its size but their gentle nature and strength also. The English Mastiff bite force is one of the strongest dog breeds when compared to other pets, matching their Tibetan relatives. The bite breaks bones easily as they were originally bred as fighting dogs. This makes them one of the most assertive dog breeds in the world. 

Dogue de Bordeaux 

Known as the French Mastiff, this dog packs a bite measuring 556 psi. It is a giant, short-haired, muscular dog breed. The Dogue de Bordeaux is a multi-purpose breed of dog used for hunting and pulling carts filled with goods. It has even been known to be used for dog fighting. They are amongst the oldest Mastiff breeds and were once trained as police dogs.

Tosa Inu 

This is a giant, Japanese Mastiff dog that weighs over 100 pounds on average. They were initially bred to fight. The bite force of a Tosa Inu is one of the highest at 556 PSI. They are not good family pets as it is illegal to own these dogs in multiple states because of the breed’s hazardous tendencies.

The breed has a bite strong enough to end any prey, including a human. Due to the terrible history of this dog, it has been given the distinction of being a wild dog. Along with many of the states in the United States, many countries, such as Germany, Denmark, Australia, Malaysia, and Norway, banned owning these dogs.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is another short-coat dog breed that is enormous and intimidating in size and very muscular in build. They are not as big as some other Mastiff breeds, weighing around 100 pounds, but their bite force sits at 700 psi and is amongst the most brutal pound-for-pound dog breeds.

What Dog Has The Strongest Bite?

The Kangal dog breed is the dog with the strongest bite force coming in at 743 psi. It is a Turkish breed shepherd dog used to protect livestock from becoming prey. This large breed dog is considered not only the most powerful dog but the most muscular too. They are gentle but known to be very intuitive about protection. They are considered the most savage dog breed in existence. 

They weigh over 100 pounds and can grow to as large as 150 pounds or more, which means they are often mistaken as an aggressive breed of war dogs. Their size makes them enormous and intimidating animals, perfect for guarding against bigger enemies such as bears, jackals, and wolves. The impressive bite force of a Kangal dog can kill a predator instantly. Pound for pound, the Kangal has the most powerful bite force of any breed.

What to Do After a Dog Bite?

When you find yourself in a dog bite incident you are likely to be taken by surprise. This traumatic moment can cause a lot of stress on a person and make it difficult to focus on what is going on with all their emotions firing off at once. It is crucial to keep enough composure in a time like this to keep your focus on what you need to do. Here are the steps you should take directly after your k-9 confrontation.

Call The Police

One thing about an accident such as a dog bite is that both parties can be overwhelmed in the heat of the moment. It can be tough to communicate with the other party or parties involved when tensions may be high or you all may be in a state of shock still. The best way to keep the peace and relay communication properly is to call the police. Law enforcement will arrive on the scene ready yo assist both parties and play mediator along the way.

Collect Evidence at the Dog Bite Accident Scene

It is imperative to your case to be able to provide enough evidence to back your case. When you are documenting any injuries or people involved you should make sure to include any details to support your case. Having video footage and photos to support your claims will go a long way in helping support your story. Make sure that any evidence that you have gathered is shown to any law enforcement so that it can be documented that another witness has seen them. 

Get Medical Help

While getting your dog bite incident documented and gathering evidence for your case is important, one would argue that seeking medical attention for the injuries you sustained during your dog bite accident would be more important. You need to get medical attention not only to document your injuries but to make sure you are not at risk for any further issues. 

Getting medical treatment for your dog bite injuries can be life saving. When it is a case of life or death, taking fast action on your injuries could be the difference.

Dog bites can carry infections with them. When a dog bites down on a person’s skin and that skin is broken through, it creates the potential for infections to occur. These infections can be detrimental to a persons long term health.

Hire a Dog Bite Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite attack then you are entitled to compensation for the traumatic experiences you were forced to endure. Call Meyers Injury Law today and we will fight for your rights and get you every penny of compensation you are entitled to.

We know that insurance companies like to twist words and make victims out to be guilty parties so we do not give them the chance to. We will handle your claim so you do not get taken advantage of.

File a Claim With the Dog Owner’s Insurance Company 

One of the most important things about a dog bite accident is holding the guilty party liable for their actions. If a dog owner was negligent in their attempts to keep their animal leashed and free from any potential attacks on anyone, then they should be held accountable. You need to file a claim with the insurance company of the owner of the dog which bit you.

You should not be held liable for injuries you acquired due to another person’s negligent actions. When you file a claim with their insurance company we will take care of all the dirty work and communicate with the insurance company so you get the maximum settlement.

Dog Grinning Teeth

Common Injuries Caused by a Dog’s Bite Force

Here is a list of some common injuries that are caused by dogs with a strong bite force:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Scarring
  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Crushing injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Rabies
  • Brain injuries
  • Eye injuries
  • Infections
  • Avulsion
  • Face injuries
  • Muscle pain

How the Dog Bite Claims Process Works

Similar to other personal injury claims, cases resulting from a dog bite may be resolved in or out

of court at any time between when the incident occurs to when a jury or judge gives a verdict

upon the conclusion of a court trial. Most personal injury claims are settled pre-trial.

If the injured person and the owner of the dog in question (or the owner’s insurer) agree about

the events surrounding the dog bite, an injury claim for a dog bite could be settled in as little as

a few weeks to a few months. This typically means:

  • The severity of the dog bite victim’s injuries and damages or losses is understood, and
  • the victim’s injuries are close to being healed or already healed
  • The injury victim did not have any injuries prior to the dog bite that may have been
  • aggravated by the new injury
  • The only person who is indisputably at fault is the dog’s owner
  • Insurance will cover the dog bite incident

A dog bite case that appears to have a “clear liability”, must still be supported with evidence of

damages and liability. However, if all of the above is true, the insurance company and adjuster

or the dog owner should offer you a reasonable settlement.

Compensation for Dog Bite Victims

There is no hard and fast settlement number when discussing personal injury cases, and that

includes dog bite injury settlements. Every dog bite case has different circumstances and details

surrounding that unique injury.

There are, however, certain types of injury, related losses, or damages that are more common

in dog bite injury cases. These can include:

  • Doctor visits to examine the dog bite injuries
  • Medical bills that are the result of treatment for the bite injuries
  • Lost income, including tips and bonuses
  • Missed time at work for recuperation
  • Other financial losses that are the result of the bite injuries
  • Mental and physical pain and suffering due to the injuries

What Decides the Value of a Dog Bite Injury Claim?

There are many factors involved in figuring out a potential value of a dog bite injury, claim,

typically the three variables that matter the most are:

  • Clarity around who is at fault: Is it apparent that there was a failure on the part of the dog owner to properly keep control of their animal – or was it otherwise violating the state laws around dog bites – and that the victim was blameless?
  • The severity of the injuries: How badly was the victim hurt? Was the victim unable to work due to their injuries? Will there be any long-term effects, such as scarring from the dog bite injury?
  • Insurance coverage availability: Does the dog owner have homeowner’s insurance available to pay a court award or settlement amount?

Loss of Income and Employee Benefits

If a dog bite has caused you to have to take any time off from work for medical treatment,

diagnosis, or recuperation, you are entitled to be reimbursed for any income that has been lost.

If the dog bite injury impairs your ability for any future work, you should also receive

compensation for that future income, also known as a “loss in earning capacity”.

Healthcare Costs and Medical Bills

Medical bills that result from dog-inflicted injuries are the most common expenses for dog bite

claims. These healthcare costs can include:

  • Medical bills for doctors
  • Physical Therapy expenses
  • Medical bills for hospital services
  • Psychological treatments
  • Prescription Medications
  • Medical devices, if needed

Unfortunately, some injuries cause long-term or permanent disabilities. This may be rare in dog

bite injuries, but in more severe cases, a victim may require surgery, vocational rehabilitation, or

a wheelchair to recover from the incident.

Pain and Suffering Damages

Physical pain is almost always associated with injuries that occur from a dog bite or from

mauling. Oftentimes, however, emotional or mental suffering can also occur due to these same


Extensive medical procedures and physical pain can lead to emotional distress. The trauma of the dog attack itself can also cause emotional damage.

You may even experience a future debilitating fear of all dogs, which can result in difficulty in

going outside into the unknown. You may also experience the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Shock
  • Depression
  • Sleeplessness
  • Other psychological symptoms

In more extreme cases, you may even develop PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. In

cases where the emotional problems and pain are expected to continue into the future, a victim

can also receive an award, an amount that comes through a settlement, for future pain and


It is incredibly difficult to decide a fair dollar amount for pain and suffering. Judges and juries

have to look carefully at the evidence they are given. When negotiating a settlement, lawyers

and insurance companies will look at both sides of the case and come to a reasonable

settlement. Still, the settlement amount that a victim will receive for their pain and suffering will

vary significantly. Sometimes, a judge will set aside an award given by a jury if they feel it is not

reasonable under the given circumstances.

Some lawyers and insurance companies use what is known as a multiplier, which means they

multiply your total medical expenses as well as lost earnings (typically by a factor of about 1.5 to

4) in order to arrive at a fair amount for pain and suffering. However, this is only an estimate,

and it will not apply in every case.

Diminished Quality of Life

Known as non-economic damage, diminished quality of life pertains to activities and

experiences such as friends, hobbies, work, time with family, etc., that a personal injury victim

may lose the ability to enjoy due to their injury.

Your quality of life is very important. It may not seem that you can put value on something so

important, but the courts do this all the time.

When looking at a possible quality of life, claim some of the components that a court may look

at include loss of ability to:

  • Play sports
  • Exercise
  • Converse with your friends and family (Typically, this only occurs when you suffer a
  • traumatic brain injury)
  • Enjoy sexual intimacy with your spouse (your spouse is able to file an additional claim
  • called “loss of consortium” over your sexual function loss)
  • Dress, bathe, and feed yourself

There are many activities that are not listed here that might add to a diminished quality of life

claim, depending on the severity and nature of your injuries and the lifestyle you had before you

suffered your dog bite injury.

Disfiguring Skin Scars

A dog bite injury may lead to disfigurements, such as a lost eye, permanent nerve damage, or

scarring, which will be calculated with your pain and suffering. Scarring is only one part of

disfigurement. Any deformity, blemish, or scar that changes how you look can be classified as a

disfiguring injury. Changes in your physical appearance that cannot be fixed can lead to several

emotional and psychological troubles. Unfortunately, disfigurement can create a permanent

reminder of the trauma you had to go through.

Some of the long-term psychological effects that can be caused by disfigurement include:

  • Loss of self-esteem
  • Negative body image
  • Social interaction avoidance
  • Depression and anxiety
  • The desire to hide from other people

When to Call a Dog Bite Lawyer for Help

Dog bite lawyers have experience in a variety of personal injury cases. Unfortunately, dog bites

have become more common due to the number of dogs living within a closer distance of other


A dog bite lawyer knows the specific regulations and rules that your state and town have in

regard to dog bite claims.

If you have been injured due to a dog bite and received a personal injury, it may be time to call a

dog bite lawyer. These injuries may require expensive medical attention. Roughly 1,000

Americans have to get medical attention every day due to dog bite injuries. Every year, 9000

Americans have to be hospitalized due to dog bites. A hospital stay can hinder your ability to go

to work and could cause you to waste vacation or sick days.

Contact Our Dog Bite Attorneys Today

If you have been the victim of a dog attack, do not hesitate to contact a dog bite attorney for help today. Our team of dedicated lawyers at Meyers Injury Law will review your circumstances and take the best course available to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us to discuss your case today.

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